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My name is Jammie Johnson and I am a certified caregiver, academic advisor and motivational speaker with 20 years of experience caring for loved ones. I founded The Caregiver’s Friend in 2021 to provide resources, tips, and strategies to help caregivers navigate their caregiving journey with peace and to create a community that provides a safe space for caregivers to learn and grow.

“While I was being stretched, overwhelmed, tired and often frustrated, it was my loved ones who were in the most difficult place.”

As a caretaker for loved ones for 20 years, I looked after my father who passed away in 1997 from cancer-related complications, my aunt who passed away in 2015 from obesity-related complications, and my mother who passed away in 2017 from lung and heart issues. Following the death of my mother, I felt called to share my journey with others in order to give them resources to reset and navigate this difficult journey with peace. I know that my personal journey was not wasted.  My mission is to empower family caregivers to live life to the fullest, both naturally and spiritually.

Focus Areas & Resources

The Caregiver’s Friend also has resources to help you navigate the challenges of providing mental and physical support for families. Every month, the Caregiver 411 vlog brings in the voices of regional caregivers and health experts to provide you with the tools you need to have a renewed sense of peace, and concepts you can use in your everyday life.

You can watch the vlog and connect with caregivers across the country by joining The Caregiver Crew, a private Facebook group. We discuss ways to support one another as we navigate the caregiver journey together. We also provide a safe space for open discussion about caregiving and addressing grief based on Christian principles.

If you’re in a caregiving season and want to maintain peace, with access to relevant tools while navigating your caregiving journey, The Caregiver’s Friend is for you! Please use the information below to connect.

The Caregiver’s Friend supports family caregivers:

Providing resources, tips and strategies that empowers them through their caregiving journey.

Educating family caregivers through monthly Caregiver 411 vlogs.

Customizing coaching for family caregivers to create a lifestyle that promotes peace and healthy caregiving.

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